L Family Film // Christmas Time: A Day in the Life

I have been holding on to this gem to share for the holiday season! Last Christmas, we filmed a Day in the Life with the LeBlanc family when they got new puppy! These “Day in the Life” films are so special. Mostly because you don't realize what is so special until the time has past. Hearing your kids sing, seeing little details of a childhood home, and having something in its entirety, and not 30 second clips on our phones. If this is something that touches you, and you think this would be meaningful and special to your family, shoot me a message or give me a call. I would love to help create this special piece of history for you! Below is part of a package for family films. The edited 3 minute film, a short film for instagram and a few family photos!

Below is the short film especially for Instagram (or easily can be used as a holiday greeting card online!)

And a few family photos from this very chilly day!

a day in the file film
a day in the life film family

Email me today to create something similar for your family. Filming available in the central New Jersey area!