Alyson & Michael // Wedding Film Re-Edit

Alyson & Michael had a beautiful ceremony on a cruise ship over the winter and decided to hold a reception back home in central New Jersey for the friends and family to celebrate their marriage.  I was approached by Alyson's mom to help create a short highlight of their ceremony to share with the guests at their reception from what was recorded by the cruise ship videographers, which was over 15 minutes long... too long to share at a wedding reception!  I put together this great little clip to share their vows & ring exchange.  Enjoy!


  Simply Shire did not film this event.  The footage was filmed by the cruise ship videographers and I pieced together some highlights for the bride & grooms reception.  This service falls under video editing services.  Anything from home movies or unedited wedding videos recorded by family members can be pieced together into a small creative film.