The Pink Elephant // Brand Film

I have always had a love for painting pottery.  I have a vivid memories painting pottery with my college bestie in Boston...and Vermont and NJ!  So when Bloomers N Things in Allentown started offering pottery painting, I was in love.  It is so relaxing to paint something and even if it sits in a closet when it's complete, I know I had a great time chatting with friends and being crafty.

Debbie, the owner of Bloomers N Things, opened up another pottery studio in Asbury Park called The Pink Elephant.  The creative vibes flow off the shelves and into the little hands of children (and adults too) and onto beautiful pieces of art!  Filming a fun(and maybe a little hectic!) afternoon of children painting and an evening with a ladies painting night I think we capture the essence of The Pink Elephant!

Visit The Pink Elephant website for more information!