Birthday Montage Films

You were given access to this page because someone is making a birthday film for a very special guest of honor.  

Please follow the steps below to submit your birthday message.  I will be compiling them together with photos and other messages for their big celebration! 

Not sure what this is all about?  Click HERE to see a birthday film and just how special they can be and what the final product will look like. 


Step 1 // Oh the Memories!

This should be the easiest step!  Think of a story or a special message to tell the guest of honor.


Siblings // Friendships, family vacations, learning to drive, something your parents might not know about, HS prom, backyard adventures, boyfriend/girlfriend memories.  

Work buddies // An office work party, working side by side together, coffee breaks, something you learned from them (to have fun, to work hard, how to organize your papers, ANYTHING!) 

Old Friends // Stories about vacations together, Friday night pizza, sports games, kids growing up together, something you love about this person (or could be funny and something you can't stand!)

"Parent" or Mom Friends (friends who don't necessarily hang out as a family but really got to see each others kids grow up) // Something you learned from each other (how to parent, ideas on raising children differently), how you met, funny story about the kids.


Step 2 // Recording the Video

This might be the hardest part, actually making the recording (and not feeling silly!). Well it's okay to feel silly because you know what, this video is going to mean SO MUCH to the guest of honor.  Break out your smart phone and record a message. No smart phone?  Ask a friend, work colleague, or child to help with this project!  It can be done rather quickly and 


  • Hold the phone horizontal, not vertical.  Think when they watch this on the TV you want it to fill the screen, not be a a video going up and down with huge black blocks on the side.
  • When you start filming, count to 3 in your head and then start your message.  This gives me a little extra time to work with each video.
  • Not comfortable having someone else watch you record the message?  Put the phone on selfie mode (the little circular arrow) and prop it up somewhere (or hold it away from you) and record it by yourself. 
  • Smart phone videos are actually better quality than most web cams or computer cameras.  Try to use a smart phone if possible.
  • Check out my little video below for these tips visually explained.
video Block
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Step 3 // Sending me the video!

Just click this link and send me the file!  You should be able to do this right from your phone.  If not you are not sure, please follow my video instructions below.