Smart Phone Edits

Visit I specialize in creating home movies from your smartphone clips!

Watch one of my children’s one year films here:

Birthday Video

This is a great creative gift to give someone who might not be able to be with all their friends and family on their birthday. I will guide you through the process of gathering recorded video messages and photos from friends and family. The end result is a cohesive, beautifully edited one-of-a-kind gift that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Watch one of my favorite Birthday videos here:

I cannot say enough about Shire’s talent and professionalism. She really has a gift for capturing moments in our lives and creating a memorable keepsake. She truly cares about her clients and knows how to tell a beautiful story through photo and film. She recently did a 60th birthday video for my mom and took videos from our friends and family and gave us a beautiful and touching surprise tribute to mom. It was so special and it is something she will have forever. I would definitely recommend Shire if you are looking to capture and share your life’s most memorable moments.
— Deanna Vejvoda

Fresh 48

A relaxed video session after your newborn baby has entered the world! A Fresh 48  Session takes place within the first 48 hours after baby has arrived.  Typically, I film in the hospital and ask for an hour or two alone with the new parents and baby. In addition, siblings and/or grandparents can be filmed meeting the new arrival for the first time. Digital still images will be included to complete the video package.

Watch one of my favorite Fresh 48 videos here:

The first few days after our baby was born were a blur. Our Fresh 48 video is such a great way to relive those early moments. We watched it with friends and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. It is simple, sweet, and touching; a great keepsake and something we can share with our daughter when she grows up. Working with Shire was a breath of fresh air and felt very natural. I would definitely recommend a Fresh 48 session to capture your baby’s arrival.
— Amy Bernhard

Family Biography

Record your family’s history in a unique way as a gift for a loved one or as a fun joint family project. Together, we will create a custom video to tell your family’s story. Narrow it down to a specific time, event, or family member, or tell a broader story that includes multiple events. Now, future generations can hear for themselves those stores from WWII-era journals, or that their grandparents met at a nickel and dime shop. The possibilities are endless. This is a customized project, so we would work together to determine both details and cost.

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