I know what it’s like to want to document the special moments and I pass that along to my clients. At 18, I lost my dad unexpectedly and found myself trying to preserve his memory through the creative process. This desire, coupled with my entrepreneurial spirit, inspired me to begin my business. I love documenting my own life, especially now that I have two young boys. That passion carries over to each project, resulting not just in a snapshot of a special event, but a story that is unique and reflective of my clients’ lives

Fun Facts About Me:

  • We have 2 dogs, 2 cats and chickens  
  • We named our son after the main character in Dirty Dancing
  • I spent a semester in The Netherlands in college.  Best. Experience. Ever.
  • I attended film school in Boston and fell in love with this little big city.
  • I know American Sign Language

Currently Obsessed With:

  • Receiving mail (as in old-fashioned, in-an-envelope, paper mail)
  • Binge-watching Netflix
  • Girls nights with my friends
  • Holding my boys while they sleep
  • Cloth diapering and baby wearing
  • Podcasts!  Serial anyone?!
  • Group photos.  (I drive my friends and family nuts but in 10 years, they will thank me)
  • Personalized gifts (giving... and receiving!)

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Films about my two favorite boys: